CRP l Credit Reporting Paradigm
CRP: Credit Reporting Paradigm
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The credit reporting paradigm


Are you looking for a way to grow your mortgage business?

The Credit Reporting Paradigm will help you increase the number of closed loans and future referrals by up to 33% in the first six months!

Lets face it, potential clients will select the professional they feel deserves their business and the one they view as an expert.

"I noticed a 25% increase in my closing ratio in the first 60 days using the Credit Paradigm. I give credit not only the advice given by the Paradigm to increase my client's credit score but also the impression I made on them with the detailed report the Paradigm produced that I feel made a unique impression"

Jeff Hoffman- United Pacific Mortgage

The Credit Reporting Paradigm a patent-pending web-based solution for mortgage professionals that allows you to create custom credit advice in less than 5 minutes per client. The Credit Reporting Paradigm produces a printable PDF containing customized instructions for your client to help them increase their credit score. This helps the client qualify for better loan programs. You simply enter information from the client's credit report, and the easy-to-use web-based program does the rest. Your name and your client's are merged into a PDF that is 2-17 pages long and contains customized instructions for your client to follow.

The Credit Reporting Paradigm was created by "Credit Scoring Expert" and consumer credit attorney Edward Jamison. The Credit Reporting Paradigm implements the same principles he uses in his consumer credit law firm, where he charges clients $500 an hour for similar advice.

"I use the Paradigm for all of my clients, even the ones with over a 720 credit score. I do this because I feel the impression I leave on them when they see the report looks as though it took me three hours to produce. I am betting that this will pay-off by way of repeat business and future referrals that I may not have gotten without giving them such an impressive report."

Tom Gazaway- CTX Mortgage

Whom do you think the potential client will choose-you or your competition - when the time comes to decide which loan broker to use? Do you think your competition stands a chance when the client receives your specifically tailored, expert advice letter? Not only does the Paradigm look as though you spent hours preparing the letter, but it also shows that you are truly in your client's corner and have his or her best interest at heart. Let's face it, potential clients will select the professional they feel deserves their business and the one they view as an expert. The Paradigm is your secret weapon to accomplish both of these hard-to-obtain variables in less than 5-10 minutes. The Paradigm will give your clients the knowledge they need to increase their credit score quickly, which will result in more closed loans.

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